Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hon. Hindan Honours for Community Development

Hon. Isaiah Hinda, Councilor representing Liev II in Kwande local government legislative assembly, and Chairman House Standing Committee on education and sports has been honoured by NKST secondary school, Ahobee, Ikyurav-Ya, Ikyogen, Kwande local government. He was presented with a merit award during the 8th graduation prize and award giving ceremony held on the 19th July, 2013 at the school premise.
In his welcome speech, the principal of the school, MR. Bengu,Ikyurav noted that Hon. Hindan was honoured because he once served the school in various capacities and on several occasions, preferred, serving the school than going for greener postures. “He refused the invitation to lecture at federal university of Agriculture, Makurdi; College of Education Malami and several other institutions outside Benue State”, Mr. Bengu said.
Others who were honoured alongside Hon. Hindan included Late Pa. Ahobee Bum, who had sacrificed his land to the NKST Church and her institutions, Mrs. Elizabeth Tyonongo, Mr. Ivahan Terkula and Comrade Jumpa Emmanuel.
Meanwhile, Hon. Hindan has promised to provide the NKST Ahobee Library with 30 books and sponsors some students to higher institution. He called on the students to read books because it was through reading that he achieved his educational feat during his secondary school days. He regretted that many parents couldn’t achieve any of such books, which would affect the qualify of the graduates.
The guest speaker at the occasion, Mr. Msughter Manasseh Manyi called on the graduating students to ensure that they proceed with their education.
 The chairman of occasion was Mr. Ephraims Apia , Special Assistant to ALGON 
Citation of Honourable Isaiah Terna Hindan
Days that bring good tidings to people are usually remembered by those who share in the good tidings.
The 24th day of August, 1973 would ever be remembered by the family of late Pa Hindan Abuia. The day that brought forth a new baby boy who would be a Great Mobilizer, a Jinx Breaker, An Academic, a Politician of repute, a Community Developmentalist, a Charismatic and Pragmatic Leader, an Icon of Diligence and Honesty, a Model for the youth of his generation.
Hon. Isaiah Terna Hindan was born and brought up in the family of late pa Hindan Abuia and Ma Martha Anaumbur Hindan of Mbawav, Mbaikyule, Liev II Council Ward, Ikurav-ya, Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State.
In a family of six siblings, Hon Isaiah Terna Hindan attended his primary education at NKST Primary School, Gbaazov and later moved to complete his primary five and six to obtain his First School Leaving Certificate at NKST Primary School, Ahobee Ikyogen, Ikurav-ya in 1986.
He proceeded to the Esteemed St. Andrew's Secondary School, Adikpo and bagged his Senior Secondary Certificate with flying colours in 1992.
Hon Isaiah Terna Hindan was popularly know as the "Stormy Weather" among his mates for his academic exploits.
Due to his unquenchable thirst for higher education, Hon Hindan proceeded to the Benue State University with the intention to read Human medicine in 1994. When his desire could not be met as the university was just taking off, he sought to be admitted at the University of Jos Plateau State in 1996. He was however placed in the college of Science of the university in the department of Physics.
The ambitious Isaiah Hindan felt deprived of his intention and abandoned the department back home to seek fresh admission into his desired course, the Human Medicine.
In the year 2000, it became clear to Hon Isaiah Hindan that destiny did not hold his intended course of study for him.
In 2001, Hon Isaiah secured admission into the department of Electrical/ Electronics Engineering at the University of Agriculture Makurdi.
While in the university, Hon Isaiah Hindan became a renowned Student Unionist and activist and was elected a student parliamentarian. Hon Isaiah became a deciding factor of student leadership in the University of Agriculture Makurdi and a renowned leader in the community of Tiv students. He was crowned the Chieftaincy title of the "Ivaan Ayange I Tiv" by the Tiv Community of the university. Hon Isaiah Hindan bagged his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical/ Electronics) in 2007.
Exempted from the National Youth Service based on age, Hon Isaiah Hindan returned to his people and aspired to be Councilor for the people of Liev II council ward but the zoning system of the PDF eluded him and he voluntarily withdrew from the race in 2008.
It was at this point in time that Hon Isaiah took up a temporary appointment with NKST Secondary School Ahobee, Ikyogen, Ikurav-ya. While in the School, Hon. Isaiah Terna Hindan rose from the Head of Department Science to the Vice Principal Administration in the School. He developed the science laboratory to its present standard status. He was also the founder of the Staff Welfare Scheme of NKST Secondary School, Ahobee, Ikyogen. The scheme has turned around the fortunes of most staff of the school.
In 2012, Hon Isaiah Terna Hindan became the "Wan Mom Mom U Liev II " by standing elections on consensus to represent the people of Liev II council ward at the Kwande Legislative Council.
Emerging Victorious, he was sworn into office on the 29th November 2012 as the councilor representing Liev II council ward at the Kwande legislative council.
Hon Isaiah Terna Hindan is happily married with two children.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have this singular honour to present to you a Determined Achiever, an Icon of Diligence, an Academic, an Engineer in the making, a Great Mobilizer, A grassroot Political bulldozer and a Distinguished Legislator for the Meritoriuos Award for Selfless Service to Humanity by NKST Secondary School, Ahobee, Ikyogen.
Hon Hindan Receiving his award.

Agbughul Kachi Memorial College Holds Historic Graduation Ceremony

On the 20th July, 2013, Agbughul Kachi Memorial College ,Adikpo held their first graduation, prize-giving and launching of magazine, The searchlight. The event was under the chairmanship of Mr. Pineve Amokaha, HOD, Education, Kwande Local Government.
            Offering the his welcome speech, Mr. Atokondo Dominic revealed that the historic graduation was the 1st in the 8th year of the institution. He said although the school had graduated two previous sets, 2012/2013 sets were the first to have an official graduation ceremony.
            “As we celebrate our graduating students and the 8th year of existence, I want to re-affirm our resolve of providing quality   education to our students to re-assure our  parents and the general public of our local commitment to excellence since all our programmes, curricular and extra-curricular activities are geared towards this”, Mr. Atokondo said. 
            In an exclusive interview with the students magazine, The searchlight which was launched at the event, the Proprietor of the school, Hon. Arc. Bem Kachi said, he named the school in memory of his late father, Late Hon. Samuel Agbughul Kachi, who until death was a loving father as well as a philanthropist. His father, he said, died in 2002 and he started the school in 2002 in his honour. 
            He was very appreciative to the staff and who he said are wonderful, hardworking dedicated to their duties.
Meanwhile a renowned educationist, Dr. T. Terver Udu of the department of English and literary studies, College of Education, Katsina-Ala has called on students to imbibe reading culture. In a paper presentation at the ceremony, tittled“Achieving effective reading instruction in schools: The role of parents and teachers”, Dr. Udu stressed that there is no alterative to reading. “we know that at the moment, telephone calls have taken over letter writing, television viewing has taken over reading couture, cultic groups have taken over literary clubs and societies… indiscipline has taken over fagging, and examination malpractice has taken over hard work and honest character, but the time has come to revive  the good culture that we once knew”.

Group Honours Victor Hembah

All is now set for the grand reception in honour of Mr. Victor Ityoyila Hemba, Managing Director, Treaties, Makurdi and sports asministrator, to be organized by the group, Ityoyila Hembah Democratic Associates, Kwande Branch.
            A special notification obtained by KSN indicates  that the reception is in respect to Hembahs election as Chairman Nigeria  Tenis  Association. According to information made available to KSN by Comrade Dwem, E Aondozungwe, Director, Social Mobilization\publicity CPC, the event will be under the chairmanship of Barr, Tony Ijoho. Chairlady is Mrs Afane Akpe; Guest Speaker is Chief Terlumun Akputu. Others are the guests of honour, Hon Terfa Atii, Hon Justine Amase, Benue State, Information commissioner, his counter part of Sports, Mr Egbira Edaa among many others.

The reception will hold at Koti Apera on 3rd August, 2013.

Chief Terlumun Akputu Again

Chief Terlumun Akputu JP, The Asortar u Kwande/ Orfan Sev U Tiv , Tor Kwande hopeful, has presented , yet another car to  one of his political loyalists. with the presentation of a peougeot 406 car gift in the early hours of Sunday 21st July, 2013, Hon. Toryila Gbangban, Chief Akputu has added him to the list of those he has touched since he left office as Kwande local government chairman . Others who have benefitted from the gesture were, Hon Gbenda Lukera JP, Terlumun Zomon who were given different make of cars; Ior Akume and a pastor were given bikes.
            Presentation of the car to mr Gbangban was done by Chief Akputu political disciple\strategist, Hon. Sughnen Idyo, three times senior special assistant to the Benue State Governor and now senior special assistant to Dr. Gabriel T. Suswam PhD CON, on Administration.
            In his speech at the occasion which took place at the residence of the beneficially, Hon. Idyo said, he was honoured and privileged to present the caron behalf of Chief Akputu , who could not be around because of unforeseen circumstances. Hon Idyo further encouraged all Chief Akputus party loyalist to be steadfast and wait for their turn. He assured that it is the resolve of Chief Terlumun Akputu to extend his hand of benevolence to bear on each of them.
            Responding Hon. Toryila Gbangban, expressed his heart felt appreciation to the kind gesture of Chief Terlumun Akputu, stressing that the car gift came at the time he needed it most.
            Other speakers at the occasion included Hon. Iororon Akase, Hon. Ahar Gwaza, Bro Ambose Ashabah . They were all full of praises for Chief Akputu.
Members of Igba House Adikpo, celebrating with Gbagban

People Appreciate Herbicides Better now

-                     KSN: How long have you been in this business?
-                     Igbangev Benson: it is not long, I am into this business for two months and some weeks. I started in May this yaer.
-                     KSN: What motivated you to join this business?
-                     Igbangev Benson: As a graduate who has not got a white collar job, I started this business hence people going to the farm these days appreciate the use of herbicides.
-                     KSN: so how is the patronage since you started
-                     Igbangev Benson: the patronage is good within this short period of time I started, I have many customers.
-                     KSN: What are these chemicals for and how are they used?
-                     Igbangev Benson: These chemicals are called herbicides and they are categorized into different types; some are selective why some are non- selective. 
-                     KSN: What do you mean by selective and non selective?
-                     Igbangev Benson:  By selective I mean some of the chemicals are  used   for particular crops alone like Rice and one cannot use another chemical except the one that is specific while non selective can be applied generally on weeds of all kinds.
-                     KSN: Are this chemicals group into categories?
-                     Igbangev Benson:  Yes, there are, they are group into pre emergency and post emergency.
-                     KSN: What do you mean by pre emergency and post emergency?
-                     Igbangev Benson:  Pre emergency are those herbicides applied before or after planting crops to prevent early grasses coming out while post emergency are applied on general weeds.
-                     KSN: Can you now give me the names of some of the pre emergency and post emergency chemicals?
-                      Igbangev Benson: Some of the pre emergency chemicals are pendin, butaforce, Dintop, Butatex, Vestalin e.t.c while he post emergency are sarosate, Delsate, takle Glycel, Glyspring etc.
-                     KSN: can you tell us about their prices.
-                     Igbangev Benson: Generally, pre emergency are more costly than post emergency herbicides
-                     KSN: what are their prices?
-                     Igbangev Benson:
i.                   Sarosate                N850
ii.                 Delsate                  N1,100
iii.              Takle                              N900
iv.              Glycel                   N1,100
v.                 Glyspring             N900
vi.              Pandilin                N1,800
vii.            Butaforce             N1,000
viii.         Dultop                  N2,500
ix.              Butatex                N1,000
x.                 Vestalin                N1.400
xi.              Amino force         N1,000
xii.            Orizo plus            N1,500
xiii.         Up root                N850
xiv.         Kinash                  N850
xv.            Select                    N1,000
xvi.         Atrozsofio           N1,200

-                     KSN: Do they have expiring date?
-                     Igbangev Benson: Yes they have expiring date.
-                     KSN: Is the business seasonal?
-                     Igbangev Benson: It is a seasonal business, it starts from April to October and  ceases between November to March.
-                     KSN: Who are your distributors?
-                     Igbangev Benson: ALFRAN AGRO COMMODITIES
-                     KSN: Are these herbicides poisonous to human beings?
-                     Igbangev Benson: Yes they are
-                     KSN:do you sell your products on whole sale?
-                     Igbangev Benson: Yes, I sell on wholesale and also retails.
-                     KSN: Thank you very much for welcoming us in your shop
-                     Igbangev Benson: You are welcome.